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Constance Patrick

Constance head shot 2.JPG

Constance Patrick's journey from a career in education and business management to her passion for poetry and the arts is truly fascinating. Her diverse experiences in teaching, drama, and business management reflect a rich tapestry of skills and interests.

Transitioning from education to business management and eventually finding her niche in Feng Shui demonstrates her adaptability and openness to exploring new avenues. Her certification in Feng Shui and subsequent teaching and consulting roles in cities like Atlanta, Nashville, and Phoenix highlight her dedication to holistic practices and helping others find harmony in their environments.

Constance's involvement with Sedona's Red Earth Theatre showcases her deep connection to the arts community, where she has not only shared her own poetry but also participated in theatrical productions and presented original monologues. Her contributions to various productions, including Shakespeare's works, demonstrate her versatility and passion for storytelling in different forms.

Furthermore, Constance's literary contributions, with her poems and flash fiction published in respected journals like The Stray Branch and US1 Worksheets, illustrate her talent and dedication to the written word. Her focus on developing short stories around "mountain folk" characters adds a unique dimension to her creative portfolio, showcasing her ability to capture the essence of distinct voices and settings.

As a member of esteemed writing groups like Sedona Coyote Poets, Western Edge Writers, US1 Worksheets Poets' Cooperative, and Haiku Society of America, Constance is undoubtedly an active participant in the literary community, where she likely finds inspiration, support, and camaraderie with fellow writers.

Overall, Constance Patrick's journey exemplifies the transformative power of following one's passions and embracing creativity in all its forms. Her diverse experiences and contributions undoubtedly enrich both the literary and artistic landscapes of Sedona and beyond.

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